Project Development

Where a package is just a single module / dependancy within an Apex system, projects are the overall Apex system with all necessary packages installed and configuration in place. Projects are intended for the overall operations you are developing including both back-end and front-end design, and come with the following benefits:

  • Management - Streamlined project management as the project has the same repo as packages, except instead of just a single package, the repo consists of the entire Apex system providing full version control and ACL functionality across the team.
  • Deployment - Quick, efficient and error free deployment by only requiring a a --project flag to the initial apex CLI command during installation.
  • Staging Evironment - Optionally projecs may include a staging environment which is hosted on the domain at https://<PROJECT>.<AUTHOR> and is a live system of the entire project. All commits from developer machines will automatically sync to the staging environment allowing the team to see development progress in real-time.
  • CI Pipeline / Syncing - Once deployed to production, you can easily setup a web hook that will automatically sync all commits to the production server, but only if they successfully pass all tests and checks within the CI pipeline.

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