Apex Network

Welcome to Apex, the all-in-one solution for developers seeking a seamless and secure environment to build and publish their packages. With our fully featured, built-in, secure repository network, akin to Github, developers can effortlessly publish their packages directly from within Apex. Gone are the days of managing multiple services for code repository, version control, issue tracking, CI pipeline, and software framework. Apex brings everything together, streamlining the entire development process under one convenient umbrella.

Robust Repository Network

Apex boasts a comprehensive repository network that offers all the essential features you would expect. From main/trunk branches and additional branches to releases, issues, pull requests, forking, merge capabilities, and fine-grained access control (ACL), our repository network empowers developers to work efficiently and collaboratively. No longer will you need to navigate separate platforms to manage various aspects of your project.

Uncompromised Security

At Apex, we take security seriously. Our repository network is heavily fortified with SSH keys and x.509 certificates, ensuring that every commit and release comes with a digital signature signed with the developer's SSH key. This robust security measure safeguards against code injection attacks, providing peace of mind and protecting your valuable work. To further enhance transparency, we maintain a public ledger at https://ledger.apexpl.io/, where anyone can view all releases, digital signatures, and x.509 certificates. When installing a package on an Apex system, the digital signature is automatically verified against all downloaded files, ensuring the integrity of your code.

Effortless Staging Environments

Developers can effortlessly create staging environments within Apex, enabling them to turn their Apex system into a project and deploy an identical system to https://package.username.apexpl.dev/. With this feature, every time a developer commits changes, the repository and staging environment automatically sync, providing real-time visibility of development progress. This seamless integration allows the entire team, including clients, to stay updated on the latest developments.

Seamless Integration with CI Pipeline and Web Hooks

To further enhance the development process, Apex seamlessly integrates with a CI pipeline and web hooks. Our CI pipeline is configurable on a per-package basis and executes with every commit. Developers can set up various tests to run, ensuring the quality and stability of their code. Upon successful completion of all tests, Apex sends requests to configured web hooks, enabling developers to perform a range of actions. Whether it's syncing changes to the production server or sending notifications, the possibilities are endless. With Apex, you have complete control over the deployment process.

Why Choose Apex?

Apex was designed with one goal in mind: to bring all aspects of developing quality and robust online systems under one unified platform. By consolidating the code repository, version control, issue tracking, CI pipeline, and software framework into a single solution, Apex eliminates the complexities and inefficiencies associated with managing multiple services. Developers can focus on what they do best—creating innovative solutions—while enjoying a streamlined workflow and enhanced collaboration.

Experience the power and simplicity of Apex today. Join our community of developers who have already embraced the future of development. Say goodbye to fragmented workflows and welcome the convenience of an all-in-one development platform. Take your projects to new heights with Apex.