Apex - Powerful, Clean, and Simply Works.

Apex is a world leading open source CMS and framework written in PHP, specializing in membership based operations, backed by over 20 years development experience. Within minutes be setup with your quality, custom tailored online operation utilizing the available packages and available themes within the public repository with more always being added.

  • Modern -- PHP 8.0 (released Nov 26th, 2020), redis, Web Sockets, RPC server, horizontal scaling via RabbitMQ, PSR compliant, and more.
  • Plug and play -- Instantly install any available packages or themes from our repository within seconds.
  • Fast Deployment -- Deploy customized systems in minutes, plus support for Docker, auto-install via YAML, and TravisCI.
  • Easy Maintainability -- Hands free version control, force push upgrades, remote push live content updates, git integration.
  • Efficient Development - Learn within hours, quickly watch your concept turn into a functioning and professional reality.
  • Easy Themes -- Integrate literally any theme off the internet within 45 minutes.

Watch below for an introduction into Apex, and how it can help you and your business. Subscribe to the channel, and stay abreast of the latest updates, as Apex moves fast.

Site Owners

With its intuitive and feature rich built-in administration panel, easily and professionally manage all aspects of your online operation with no technical expertise required.


Cut out the complexity, Apex very much embraces a "simple is good" mantra. Quickly learn, develop, deploy, and maintain quality and professional online operations utilizing the latest technological and methodological trends.

Designers / Agencies

Simplify your life, easily integrate literally any theme off the internet within 45 minutes, instantly update pages and layouts on remote servers without fuss, and more.

Need a Professional?

Need development work by the creator of Apex? E-mail matt.dizak@gmail.com for a free consultation.

Recent News

Apex v1.5.4 Released!
Added .env file, Remote Access Client, finalized PostgreSQL, and more...
Apex v1.5 Released!
Auto-Install via YAML, Preloading, CRUD Scaffolding, Code ReOrganization, Import / Export between Packages, and more...
Apex v1.4.0 Released!
New Package Format, Service Providers and Adapters, New Theme Tools, and more

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