Powerful, Clean & Simply Works.

Apex is an open source PHP based framework designed for efficient and robust web development. Following a "simple is good" philosophy, Apex utilizes standardized methodologies via PSRs to provide an easy learning curve and flexibility allowing you to develop in any style or design you prefer.

Fully integrated with the Apex development network, Apex offers full version control and repository management directly within the framework. Develop locally then seamlessly sync changes from local development machines to staging and production environments.

Join the Apex community and earn passive income by publishing commercial packages. You control pricing and collect all sales of your published packages. With its extensible architecture and focus on streamlined workflows, Apex allows developers to spend less time on boilerplate code and more time focusing on features and functionality. Start developing faster, launching higher quality applications sooner with Apex.

Four-Line Installation

Get up and running with the four line install:

git clone https://github.com/apexpl/apex
cd apex && mv install_example.yml install.yml
docker-compose up -d
docker-compose exec apex apex

That's it, and your NEW administration panel with base packages installed can now be found at

Spark your curiosity? Check out the Step-by-Step Training Program guide and be up and running with your own free code repository in no time.