Earn Money!

As an Apex developer, you can now generate recurring revenue by selling your packages directly to other users. With just a few configuration tweaks, your packages can be offered commercially right within the Apex network.

It's a full ecommerce system tailored for selling Apex packages. You control all settings like pricing, payment methods, terms, and more. Customers purchase access through the marketplace then seamlessly install through the regular Apex CLI. You earn 80% of each transaction, paid out via PayPal or in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Simple Setup

Enabling payments is straightforward - just a few tweaks to your package configuration. Set the access to "commercial", add a price and payment interval, and choose which payment methods to accept. That's all it takes to start collecting sales and generating additional passive income.

Recurring pricing models are supported for ongoing access and updates. You can charge monthly, yearly, or anything in between. Allow a set number of installs before requiring additional licenses. Control every aspect of monetization.

Robust Sales Page

Your package is automatically listed in the marketplace where customers can learn about its capabilities. The sales page can highlight features, screenshots, documentation links, link to an external site, and everything that makes your package valuable.

A purchasing flow is built-in to handle payments. Customers instantly receive a license key upon successful purchase then install as usual through the Apex CLI. Simple for you, easy for them.

Secure Transactions

All payments go through the Apex network built on blockchain technology. This enables trustless transactions without middlemen. Customers can pay via PayPal, credit card, or major cryptocurrencies.

New crypto addresses are generated per order. You get credited in your chosen currency instantly upon payment. The network handles all financial flows securely on your behalf, which you may withdraw at anytime of your choosing.

Recurring Revenue

Subscription pricing lets you build a sustainable income stream from your packages. Offer ongoing access with options like monthly plans. Automated renewals let customers maintain access while you keep earning.

With the 80% payout, package sales provide an excellent revenue channel. You don't need to build a standalone store or handle licensing yourself. Monetization is baked right into the Apex workflow.

Develop With Purpose

Knowing your packages can generate income changes the dynamics and economics. Invest time into an idea that can later be released commercially. Support ongoing maintenance knowing revenue will follow.

Package popularity transforms into earnings. By handling payments and licensing seamlessly, Apex removes friction so you can focus on building great software.

If you have expertise worth paying for, start selling access today. The Apex commercial marketplace empowers developers to profit from their skills while delivering value to the community.