Private Packages

For packages / projects you need to keep private, Apex does have full support for private packages. This ensures Only you and those you grant access to will have access to the package, and the general public will not see its existance. The built-in ACL controls allow you to grant / revoke access to anyone you wish with a single command.

Marking Packages Private

Anyone with an Apex account can mark their packages private. Each package within an Apex system has a configuration file located at ~/etc/Package/package.yml. Within the general section of that file simply change the access variable to private. For example:

  description: An Excellent Package
  access: private

Simple as that, and upon your first commit the package will be automatically made private and unavailable to the public. For full information on the ACL controls available to grant / revoke access to others, please see the ACL CLI Commands section of the documentation.


Keeping things simple, private repositories are only $12.95/month for an unlimimted number of users. Upon marking a package as private and performing a commit, if your account balance does not have sufficient funds you will be prompted to submit payment. Otherwise, the commit will go through seamlessly as normal.

Staging environments are also available with each project you create, which are hosted at can be automatically created during project creation, and always remain in-sync with the repository. Every commit made from your local machine will be both, uploaded to the repository and synced to the staging environment provider better collaboration between your team and your client the ability to see development progress in real-time. Staging environments come at a price of $8.95/month.

If you have any questions, issues or hesitations please don't hesitate to reach out via e-mail to for a prompt and helpful response. Alternatively, you may also post on the /r/apexpl sub Reddit.