Enduro is a commercial solution that empowers your organization to internally host a dedicated Apex network, ensuring data privacy and security. This allows your development team to enjoy all the advantages of Apex while maintaining control over repository and project code hosting through your own infrastructure.

The Apex network comprises of the following hosts:

  • api.apexpl.io - REST API utilized by the apex CLI tool.
  • code.apexpl.io - Web-based access to all code repositories.
  • svn.apexpl.io - Storage for the actual code repositories.
  • apexpl.dev - Hosting platform for all staging environments.

Instead of relying on the above hosts for development, Enduro enables the establishment of a separate repository independent of the Apex network. You incur no charges for private packages or staging environments, and all repositories and code reside securely on your own servers.

By running your network through Enduro, the entire Apex-based development process and functionality remain unchanged. The only difference is the inclusion of a --repo my-repo flag in various CLI commands. Apart from that, everything continues to function seamlessly, now directed to servers under your ownership rather than Apex's servers.

If interested, kindly get in touch through the contact form for a prompt response to discuss your specific requirements.