Enduro is a commercial package that allows your organization to run its own repository versus utilizing the Apex network and things such as private packages. The Apex network consists of the following hosts:

Instead of using the above hosts for your development, Enduro allows the setup of your own repository completely separate from the Apex network. No fees for private packages or staging environments, and all repositories and code is securely hosted on your own servers.

With your own network running via Enduro, all Apex based development and functionality remains exactly the same, aside from the fact various CLI commands will require a --repo my-repo flag, and that's it. Everything will continue to work exactly as normal except it will be diverted to servers you own instead of Apex's servers.

For only $2495 Enduro is an ideal choice for agencies and other companies who enjoy the flexibility and convenience of Apex development, yet prefer to host all work and code themselves versus having that work stored on the Apex servers. If interested, for further details and to get setup with Apex Enduro please reach out via e-mail to contact@apexpl.io for prompt and helpful assistance.