Apex v2 Released

After a substantial investment of time and resources, we are proud to announce the launch of Apex v2, a milestone achievement. Apex is an open-source PHP framework that boasts an integrated repository network reminiscent of Github, offering the added advantage of enabling developers to earn money via package monetization by designating them as commercial and setting your preferred pricing.

We invite you to explore Apex firsthand through a straightforward four-line installation process:

    git clone https://github.com/apexpl/apex
    cd apex && mv install_example.yml install.yml
    docker-compose up -d
    docker-compose exec apex apex

Furthermore, we provide an extensive, step-by-step training program along with comprehensive developer documentation to support your experience. Should you ever require guidance or have inquiries, we encourage you to engage with our dedicated community on the /r/apexpl sub-Reddit.

For personalized assistance or specific inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out via e-mail to [email protected]. We assure you of a swift and helpful response to address your needs.