CRUD Functionality

This will generate all necessary classes and views to manage CRUD operations against a database table. You may generate CRUD functionality by using the opus crud CLI command, such as:

apex opus crud <MODEL_FILENAME> --dbtable <TABLE_NAME> --view <VIEW_URI> [--magic]

apex crud MyShop/Models/Product --dbtable shop_products --view admin/shop/product --magic

Using the above example, the following files will be generated:

Type Filename
Model /src/MyShop/Models/Product.php
Controller /src/MyShop/Controllers/ProductController.php
Data Table /src/MyShop/Opus/DataTables/Products.php
HTML Form /src/MyShop/opus/Forms/Product.php
View views/html/admin/shop/product.html
View views/html/admin/shop/product_manage.html
View views/php/admin/shop/product.php
View views/php/admin/shop/product_manage.php

You simply need to add a menu into the administration panel to link everything together, and then be able to perform all necessary CRUD operations via the admin panel on the specified database table. Natually, you will most likely want to tweak and modify the auto-generated results (eg. columns in data table).