Doing It With Chat GPT

Apex does offer integration with chat GPT to assist with development. Full details can be found on the Chat GPT Code Generation chapter of the developer documentation, but simplistically, it will generate a new database schema for you then using the built-in code generation utilities within Apex will generate all necessary models, views, and controllers.

To start, you will probably want to re-install Apex from scratch via Docker or any other preferred method.

Initialize OpenAI Access

You will need an OpenAI API Key, and once obtained run the apex gpt init command:

apex gpt init <API_KEY>

This will set the OpenAI API key into Apex for future use.

Generate Code

First, as previous, run the following package create CLI command to create the disaster relief package:

apex package create disaster

Now within terminal, run the command:

apex gpt generate disaster

When prompted, enter:

disaster relief coordination system that allows the administrator to manage  volunteers, locations, projects, allows volunteers to be assigned to projects, plus also contains a donation page within the public web site

This will give you a list of all files generated, but you will notice it will generate the necessary database migration at /etc/Disaster/install.sql, plus all relevent views, models, and controllers. It's not perfect and will need some manual clean up, but it will provide a crude package.