The top messages / callouts used to display various success, error, and other information messages. You as the designer only need to place the tag &lt;s:callouts&gt; once generally within the header include, and nothing more. Syrus will automatically replace that with the appropriate messages and type upon parsing the template.

Example HTML

<s:callouts type="success" message="The action was performed successfully.">

<s:callouts type="error" message="We're sorry, an error occured.">

<s:callouts type="warning" message="Be careful, something might be amiss.">

<s:callouts type="info" message="A quick note you may be interested in.">


p>,b>NOTE: Again, the above are for demonstration purposes only, and you as the designer do not need to place any attributes within this tag. Instead, within the header tag simply add the &lt;s:callouts&gt; tag once, and nothing more. Syrus will replace it as needed depending on what callout messages the back-end software added during the request.

Example Output

The action was performed successfully.

We're sorry, an error occured.

Be careful, something might be amiss.

A quick note you may be interested in.