Generally only used within the administration panel, and is a way to display section / category links such as the Settings->Users menu of the administration panel. Another example is the Views Home page of this documentation.

Requires no attributes, but does allow for <s:item> tags within, each of which is one link within the box list. Each item tag contains the following attributes:

Attribute Required Description
href Yes Where the item will link to.
title Yes The title of the item as displayed in the web browser.

Example HTML


    <s:item href="/category/electrons/" title="Electronics">
        Check out all of our great electronics!

    <s:item href="/category/kitchen/" title="Kitchenware">
        View all the excellent kitchenware products available.

    <s:item href="/category/cars/" title="Cars">
        We even have an awesome election of cars!


Example Output