Apex Training - Transaction Controller

Within our library class you will notice we added a transaction to the winner's account with the controller "lottery_win", so let's go ahead and create that controller now. Within terminal, type:

./apex create controller transaction:transaction:lottery_win training

This will create a new PHP file at /src/transaction/controller/transaction/lottery_win.php, and will assign it to our "training" package, so it's included during publishing to a repository. Open this file, and enter the following contents:

<?php declare(strict_types = 1); namespace apex\transaction\controller\transaction; use apex\app; use apex\libc\db; /** * Lottery winning transaction controller. */ class lottery_win implements \apex\transaction\controller\transaction { public $name = 'Lottery Winnings'; /** * Get amount * * @param object $trans The transaction object. */ public function get_amount($tx) { return (float) app::_config('training:daily_award'); } /** * Gets the full name of the transaction to display within the table listing * transactions. * * @param array $row The row from the 'transaction' table. * * @return string The name to display in the web browser. */ public function get_name(array $row):string { $name = 'Lottery Winnings'; // Return return $name; } /** * Approve transaction * * @param object $trans The transaction object. */ public function approved($tx) { } }

This class simply defines the default name of ththe transaction within the properties, returns the amount of the transaction via the get_amount() method, and returns the full name of the transaction within the get_name() method.

That's it. Everything is in place now, so if desired, visit the Maintenance->Cron Manager menu of the administration panel, and you can execute the "pick_winner" crontab job we previously created, which should now go through fine.


Next up, let's quickly develop the menus that we initially defined within our package.php file. Let's start by developing the Admin Settings View.

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