Apex Training - Admin Manage Lotteries View

Last aspect of the actual development is the Lottery->Manage Lotteries menu within the admin panel that we defined within the /etc/training/package.php file. Within terminal, type:

./apex create view admin/lottery/manage training

This will create two new files at the below locations, which are assigned to the "training" package, hence will be included upon publishing the package to a repository.

  • /views/tpl/admin/lottery/manage.tpl
  • /views/php/admin/lottery/manage.php

.tpl File

Open the file at /views/tpl/admin/lottery/manage.tpl and enter the following contents:

<h1>Manage Lotteries</h1> <a:form> <a:box> <a:box_header title="Recent Lotteries""> <p>Below shows all recent lotteries that have been won.</p> </a:box_header> <a:form_table> <a:ft_custom label="Total Lotteries" contents="~total_lotteries~"> <a:ft_custom label="Total Amount Paid" contents="~total_amount~"> </a:form_table> <a:function alias="display_table" table="training:lotteries"> </a:box>

This is a simple view that contains one container / panel, which shows the totals, and a table of all recent lotteries.

.php File

Open the file at /views/php/admin/lottery/manage.php, and enter the following contents:

declare(strict_types = 1);

namespace apex\views;

use apex\app;
use apex\libc\db;
use apex\libc\view;
use apex\libc\debug;

 * All code below this line is automatically executed when this template is viewed, 
 * and used to perform any necessary template specific actions.

// Get totals
$total = db::get_field("SELECT count(*) FROM lotteries");
$total_amount = db::get_field("SELECT sum(amount) FROM lotteries");

// Zero variables as needed
if ($total == '') { $total = 0; }
if ($total_amount == '') { $total_amount = 0; }

// Template variables
view::assign('total_lotteries', $total);
view::assign('total_amount', fmoney((float) $total_amount));

This PHP file simply grabs the total number of lotteries and total amount from the database, and assigns them as template variables.


Now that development is complete, we need to ensure everything works properly, so let's move on by Creating a Unit Test.

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