Manage External Files

At times you may need to include files / directories that are outside the main package directories of /src/, /etc/, /docs/ and /tests/. This page eexplains how to add and remove files within your package to ensure they are included when publishing to the repository.

Add files

You may add external files via the add CLI command command, for example:

apex add <PACKAGE> <FILE1> <FILE2> <FILE3>

First argument is the package alias, and all aother arguments are the file / directory name relative to the installation directory. This will register the files / directories under the package which will ensure they get included during publishing to the repository.

Remove File

If you need to remove a previously added file / directory you may do so with the rm CLI command, such as:

apex rm <SHOP> <FILE1> <FILE2> <FILE3>

This will not delete the file from your machine, but instead will de-register them from the package so they are no longer included when publishing the package to the repository.