Docker Installation

Docker provides the quickest and easiest way to get setup with Apex, and does not require PHP to be installed on your machine as everything is installed within a Docker container. This guide assumes you already have docker-compose installed on your machine. If not, please click on your OS below for installation instructions:

Linux / Mac

If running Linux or Mac, open terminal and run the below four commands:

git clone
cd apex && mv install_example.yml install.yml
docker-compose up -d
docker-compose apex apex

That's it, Apex will be fully installed including various base packages with the administration panel now available at During development you will want to run various apex CLI commands, and you may access the container's bash prompt with the command:

docker-compose exec apex bash


For full step-by-step instructions on how to install Apex via Docker on a Windows machine, please visit the Docker for Windows guide.

Bare Installation With No Packages

Please note, if you would prefer not to have any base packages initially installed, simply open the install.yml file and remove the packages section. This will instal Apex without any packages, at which point you may install any desired packages with the command:

apex install <PKG_ALIAS>

For example, to install the webapp package that includes the administration panel, and the users package you would run the command:

apex install webapp users

Start Developing

Check out the Guides section for easy to follow guides to help you get started with Apex. The Develop Your First Package guide is an excellent starting point if you're new to Apex. If you ever have any questions or issues, feel free to ask on the /r/apexpl sub Reddit.