The administration panel contains a CMS menu, which allows you to easily manage navigation menus, page titles / layouts, and placeholders. Although these menus should be pretty straight forward, this page gives a brief description of each.


Allows you to manage the navigation menus within both, the public web site and the member's area. Both tables contain an Active column, allowing you to check / uncheck which menus you want the system to display. There is also a tab allowing you to create additional menus, which more than likely will only be used for the public web site. Any changes made or new menus added will immediately appear on the site, allowing you to easily manage the navigation menus without having to modify any HTML code.

Titles / Layouts

If desired, through this menu you may change the title and/or layout of any specific page within the public web site. This menu simply contains a table listing all pages within the public site, and you may make any desired changes as you wish. Each theme comes with different layouts, stored within the /themes/THEME_ALIAS/layouts/ directory, as you may sometimes want different layouts for different pages. For example, some themes will come with layouts such as full width, two column right sidebar, two column left sidebar, etc.


All templates within the public web site and member's area contain various placeholders, which can be replaced with any text / HTML code you desire. This menu allows you to enter the contents of each placeholder. It is highly recommended you define all additional text / HTML code you wish to place within the web pages here, ecspecially the member's area, instead of manually modifying the TPL template files. This is because sometimes an upgrade will contain an updated version of templates within the member's area, so upon installing the upgrade, it will overwrite the TPL file, wiping out any manual modification you may have made. However, all text / HTML code you've defined within the placeholders will remain intact, even if the TPL file is overwritten with a newer version.

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