Using E-Mail Adapters

If you would prefer not to use the Apex Mercury package to send e-mail, full interopability is supported. There are already built-in adapters for both phpMailer and Symfony Mailer although any e-mailing package can easily be made into an adapter.

To change the e-mail implementation, open the /boot/container.php file and look for the line:

EmailerInterface::class => \Apex\Mercury\Email\Emailer::class

Change this line to the location of any class that supports the EmailerInterface interface and everything will continue to work fine. There are two currently built-in e-mail adapters you can change this line to which are:

  • Apex\App\Adapters\Email\PhpMailerAdapter::class
  • Apex\App\Adapters\Email\SymfonyAdapter::class

Once the line has been changed, all e-mail will be going through the new implementation.