Install Package

apex package install <PKG_ALIAS> [ <PKG_ALIAS2>] [ <PKG_ALIAS3>] [--repo=apex] [--noverify] [--license-id <LICENSE_ID>]
Download and install packages.


Parameter Description
pkg_alias one or more package aliases to install. You may specify multiple packages separated by a space.


Flag Description
--repo The repository alias to download the package from, defaults to the main public 'apex' repository.
--dev Does not have a value, and if present the dev-mater / trunk branch of the package will be downloaded.
--noverify Does not have a value, and if present no digital signature verification checks will be processed during installation.
--license-id If commercial license has been purchased, you may specify license id with this flag.


  • ./apex install webapp users transaction support
  • ./apex install jsmith/cool-shop --noverify
  • ./apex install jsmith/cool-shop --repo companyxyz