Package Commands

apex package <SUB_COMMAND> [OPTIONS]
Create, manage and develop packages from the repositories on the local machine. Run 'apex help package <SUB_COMMAND>' for details on any of the below commands.

Available Commands

Command Description
add Add external files to a package.
checkout Checkout a package and put it under version control.
close Close a package currently under version control.
commit Commit all changes made to a package to the repository.
create Create a new package on the local machine.
delete Delete a package from the local machine.
fork Fork a package from the repository.
gen-docs Generate reference documentation for all classes and functions within a package.
init-theme Initialize a new theme during development / integration.
info View general information on a package.
install Install one or more packages from the repository.
list List all packages currently installed on the local machine.
merge Merge a branch from repository into local package.
pull Update and sync a local package with the repository.
require Install and require a Composer or Apex dependency.
rm remove files previousy added with 'add' command.
rollback Rollback previously installed upgrades.
scan Scan package.yml configuration file and update database.
search Search a repository for packages matching a given term.
test Execute unit tests of a package.
update Update general package information within the repository.
upgrade Check for, download and install any available upgrades.