Apex CLI Tool

While developing with Apex you will inevitably become familiarized with the apex CLI tool that allows for management of your Apex account, packages and repositories, branches, plus provides various code generation and other utilities.

Within the apex installation directory you will see a apex PHP script, and for sake of brevity, if desired you may copy this script to your environment path:

sudo cp apex /usr/local/bin/

You can now simply run apex instead of ./apex when you need to run any commands. You can get help on any command by simply placing help as the first argument, for example:

./apex help
./apex help package
./apex help package create

There are also many shortcuts available. To view the available shortcuts simply add a -s to any command, for example:

apex -s
apex package -s

To browse through all commands available via the CLI tool, please click the below link:

< Browse Through All CLI Commands