ModelIterator BaseModel::getChildren(string $foreign_key, string $class_name, [ string $sort_by = 'id' ], [ string $sort_dir = 'asc' ], [ int $limit = '0' ], [ int $offset = '0' ])


Get child records based on a foreign key constraint. You will generally never call this method yourself, and instead it is included within methods to retrieve child rows upon model class generation.


Parameter Required Type Description
$foreign_key Yes string The foreign key to retrieve child rows of, formatted as table_name.column_name
$class_name Yes string The fully qualified class name of the child model class.
$sort_by No string The column name to sort child records by. Defaults to the primary key column of the child table.
$sort_dir No string The direction to sort child records by. Can be either `asc` or `desc`, and defaults to `asc`.
$limit No int The maximum number of child records to return. Defaults to all child records.
$offset No int Where within the result set to begin retrieving child records. Defaults to 0.

Return Value

Returns a `ModelIterator` instance of all models / records of the child records.


Get All Products Within a Category

use App\Demo\Models\{Category, Product}; // Get category id# 14 $cat_id = 14; if (!$cat = Category::whereId($cat_id)) { die("No category exists with id# $cat_id"); } // Get all products $products = $cat->getChildren('products.category_id', Product::class); foreach ($products as $product) { print_r($product->toArray()); }

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