Account Registration

If you do not already have an Apex account when you initially commit a package you will be prompted to register an account. Alternatively, you may register with the account register CLI command by simply running:

apex account register

The registration process is free and only takes a minute. This will generate both, a SSH key and x.509 certificate and after registration a username.pem file will be created within the Apex installation directory. This is your SSH key and should be backed up as it is required in order to access your account and all code repositories.

Once backed up you may delete the username.pem file if desired. Apex uses the ~/.config/apex directory of your home directory to store all SSH keys and x.509 certificates. If desired, you may also register and use multiple accounts. Simply run the account register CLI command command again if you would like another account to help keep your code repositories organized and seperated.

With registration you will also be able to view all your repositories at

Import Account

If you are on a new machine or formatted the hard drive, you can reinstate access to your account by using the account import CLI command by running:

apex account import

You will be prompted for your username and password, then for the location of your SSH key. Once successful full access to your account and repositories will be available again.