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Don't get left behind, stay up to date with modern software, and start your next site or move an existing operation to Apex. By utilizing Apex not only will you help ensure your operation is on the forefront of online software technology, you will also have a quality, robust, scalable and secure online software solution allowing you to concentrate on business growth, not the technical aspects.

Here's a list of benefits to utilizing Apex:

  • Modern - Peace of mind that your operation is utilizing the latest proven technologies and methodologies, providing you the highest level of quality and security moving forward.

  • Scalability - Apex contains excellent built-in support for horizontal scaling via RabbitMQ, allowing your operation to easily and instantly scale to an unlimited size without having to worry about technical growing pains.

  • Open Source - Apex is open source and fully documented, ensuring you will never become dependant on a single developer or firm. You will always have a community of developers familiar with Apex to pull from if necessary, or quickly bring new developers up to speed with your codebase.

  • Comprehensive Testing - Extensive unit tests with a stunning 96.4% code coverage, giving you the reassurance Apex simply works bug free.

  • Actively Developed - Apex is being very actively developed on a full-time basis with new upgrades always being released, and ears always open for feature requests.

  • Experience - Backed by over 20 years of high paced, professional experience within the online software industry.


One of the greatest advantages of Apex is its modularization allowing you to easily deply a custom tailored solution using the packages available in the Apex public repository. New packages are always being developed, but here's a few:

  • Core Platform - All the features and functionality listed within the Core Features page.

  • User Management - Excellent user management functionality including user groups, customizable profile fields, graphical reporting, 2FA via e-mail / phone, member's area, and more.

  • Transaction & Payments - Fully featured and extensive transaction and payments system, providing virtual bank accounts to each user. Full support for multiple currencies, payment processors including PayPal and Stripe, graphical reporting, multiple transaction accounts per-user if desired, transaction fees, and more.

  • Content Management - Easily create and manage new web pages, menus, page titles and layouts, and more.
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  • Membership Fees -- Easily charge membership fees including support for discounts for longer term purchases, trial periods, and more.

  • Content Locking - Place both, content and downloadable files behind a pay wall with ease.

  • Blog - Fully featured and easy-to-use blog package with full support for categories, posts, tags, comments, and more.

  • eCommerce (coming soon) - Comprehensive e-commerce package that will include support for multiple categories, products / services, recurring subscriptions, shipping, invoices, intuitive order management, and all necessary functionality for a fully fledged e-commerce platform.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy and free! Apex is open source, and always will be. To begin taking advantage of everything Apex offers you and your business, open your free Apex account by completing the below form. Also, check out the installation guide and Docker installation guide to get up and running.

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Apex is open source, easy to learn, and fully documented, meaning never again will you have to worry about other developers holding on to your code. With ease other developers can quickly bring themselves up to speed on Apex development, and contribute to your codebase, instead of being dependant on the initial developer / firm you had work on your project.

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