Feature List

Apex comes packed with features as listed below. Please note, these are only the features within the base Apex platform, and do not include packages available within the Public Repository such as user management, transaction and payment processing, support ticketing, and more.


  • Quick Install -- Installation shouldn't take more than five minutes. Also has bult-in support for auto-installation via THAML, and Docker installation.

  • redis -- Built-in support for redis, an in-memory storage engine allowing extremely quick storage and retrieval of data.

  • Localization -- Full localization support allowing multiple languages, timezones, and currencies depending on user's personal preferences.

  • Dependency Injection -- Supports PSR-11 compliant dependency injection, including four types of injection -- configuration, constructor, method / setter, and annotation.

  • RabbitMQ -- Built-in support for horizontal scaling via RabbitMQ, allowing for unlimited scalability. Easily spread your operation over a cluster of servers for heavy resource usage operations by passing object orientated messages via the event dispatchers / listeners.

  • Web Sockets -- Built-in web sockets server, allowing real-time instant communication between server and client browser.

  • Debugger -- Excellent built-in debugger that displays a tab control on the error page with full details of the request, allowing you to easily debug and fix issues.

  • Remote File Storage -- Store and manage files remotely with league/flysystem integration. Supports local, AWS, DigitalOcean Spaces, sFTP, and DropBox.

Packages and Themes

  • Modular -- Easily and instantly customize Apex to your exact needs by installing any packages available within the Public Repository within seconds.

  • Repositories -- Full support for both, public and private repositories, allowing you to host your own code on your server, even commercial client code.

  • Github / git Integration -- Apex comes with full support for any hosted Git Service allowing you to take full advantage of the collaboration and project management functionality of Github, while retaining the efficiency and structural integrity of Apex packages.
  • Marketplace -- Develop your own packages, if desired mark them as commercial, set your own price, and earn money for every download.

  • Hands Free Version Control -- No more keeping track of files you've modified. Apex will automatically keep track of all changes, and you simply release the upgrade with one simple command when ready. Installing upgrades on a system is just as simple, only takes one quick command and a few seconds.

  • Theme Integration -- Stop spending hours on over-complicated theme sttructures. With Apex, you can take literally any theme off ThemeForest, and have it integrated within about one hour.

  • ThemeForest Integration -- Full integration with the Envato purchase API is supported, allowing designers to easily integrate their themes into Apex, and gain additional exposure and sales without breaching their exclusive Envato contract.


  • Standardized Components -- Quickly and efficiently develop stylish and functional data tables, tab controls, auto-complete boxes, forms, listeners, cron jobs, CLI commands, and more. Cut out the repetition, while remaining fully flexible and customizable.

  • Easy Templates -- Very simplistic, yet powerful template engine. Not only easy to use and learn, but also allows full standardization across themes, so you can easily switch to a new theme without breaking the design.

  • Services Container -- With 17 definitions within the services container, easily have direct access to all important top-level PHP classes for development including database / redis communication, template engine, authentication library, debugger, log handler, and more.

  • CLI Commands - Using the 'apex' PHAR archive, quickly execute various CLI commands to help speed up development. Instantly create and delete components, publish packages and upgrades, and more.

  • Package Configuration -- Straight forward package configuration, making it easy to define the configuration variables, menus, hashes, external files, and other aspects of your packages.


  • SQL Injection --Double layered SQL injection checks, one initial internal check that supports 8 different data types as placeholders, plus all SQL queries are automatically prepared via the database engine.

  • File Injection -- Not only is there a separate /public/ directory for the document root, but all files within the system will be hashed via SHA1, and checked every few hours. Site administrator will be notified any time a file is modified.

  • E-Mail / Phone 2FA -- Built-in support for 2FA via both, e-mail and SMS (via Nexmo integration). Site administrator can define whether each 2FA method is mandatory for every session or only when new device is detected, disabled, or user defined.

  • E-Mail / Phone Verification - Require all users to verify their e-mail address and/or phone number upon registration. Can be mandatory, disabled, or optional

  • Bcrypt -- Used the popular Bcrypt hashing algorithm, which is currently the industry standard for hashing passwords.

  • RSA 4096 bit User Encryption -- A 4096 bit RSA keypair is automatically generated for every user / administrator, the private key being encrypted via AES256, and is used to encrypt all user specific data, helping compartamentalize the encrypted data, providing higher security.

  • PGP Encryption -- Built-in and easy to use PGP encryption / decryption. Allows importing of PGP keys, encrypt to multiple recipients, and ecrypting of PGP messages.

  • Secure Admin Panel -- Enable / disable the admin panel on any installation, and by utilizing the built-in support for RabbitMQ, easily setup the admin panel behind a private VPN for added security.

  • reCaptcha -- Add integration with the popular reCaptcha on any page with two simple lines of code, one within the template, and one within the PHP code.

  • Brute Force Prevention -- Optionally, site administrator can define number of failed login attempts before account is automatically disabled.

  • Force Strong Passwords -- Optionally, site administrator can force strong passwords, and may display a Javascript based password strength meter within the HTML forms requesting a password.

System / Maintenance

  • Log Handler -- Fully PSR3 compliant log handler supporting all 7 different log levels, automated log file rotation, et al.

  • Automated Backups -- Have the database or full file system automatically backed up at pre-defined intervals to local filesystem or via sFTP, AWS, DigitalOcean Spaces, or DropBox.

  • Database Replication -- Full support for database replication with master / slave relationships, plus support for optional read-only database accounts.

    Rotating SMTP Servers -- Full support for multiple SMTP servers, which are rotated through allowing for high volume of outgoing e-mail.

  • Caching -- Easy to use cache library, with built-in support for template assets and images.

  • TDD / phpUnit -- Full support for TDD with phpUnit, and a good number of custom assertions, plus other methods to aid in writing unit tests.

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