Quickly and efficiently develop, deploy, and maintain a custom, professional, scalable and secure software solution for your clients. Whether you're doing an exclusive project for an individual client, or selling commercial software, or distributing open source software, Apex will help make the process of development and maintenance far cleaner, more efficient, and more robust.

Apex is general purpose, but excellent especially for any type of membership based sites, eCommerce, organizational, sales and leads, transaction and payments, and things of that nature.

Here's some of the many benefits of utilizing Apex for your software operation:

  • Modern -- PHP 7.4, redis, horizontal scaling via RabbitMQ, built-in web sockets server, database replication, rotating SMTP servers, and more.

  • Scalable - With excellent support for horizontal scaling, including both one-way direct messages and two-way RPC calls, with the ability to deploy new instances almost instantaneously, rest at ease knowing you and your clients can scale to any size without issue.

  • Efficient - Apex very much embraces a "simple is good" matra, and provides all the necessary tools and libraries to make developing quality and robust online systems as easy and efficient as possible.

  • Easy to Learn - Visit the extensive training guides, and be up and running, developing with all aspects of Apex in no time!

  • Quick Deployment - Deploy to a new server instance in a matter of minutes with the interactive CLI installer. Apex also has full support for auto-installation via YAML allowing customized systems to be almost instantly deployed, and support for Docker installation

  • Package Management - With its intuitive and modular design, effortlessly create, publish, and deploy packages for any functionality. Packages can be either public / open-source, commercial where you define the price and sell on the Apex marketplace, or private and exclusive to you / your client.

  • Repositories - Instantly setup your own repository by simply installing the "devkit" package, turning your system into its own private repository where you can host your packages and code.

  • Hands Free Version Control - No more keeping track of modified files. With one CLI command, package and publish all modifications to your package(s) to the repository, making them available to all systems. Also force push upgrades to agreeing systems with one command.

  • Remote Access Client - With the built-in remote access client have instant access to update remote systems directly from your local Apex installation without having to login to their server.

  • Much More - From git / Github integration, very simply theme integration, automated code generation for CRUD and models, and much more, with Apex you will have the tools necessary to truly develop, deploy and maintain professional and robust online operations.

    Getting Started

    Sign up for your free developer account below. You will immediately have publish access to the public repository, where you can develop and publish your own Apex packages. If desired, you may mark your packages as commercial, set your own price, and earn money every time the package is downloaded. After registration, check out the Developer - Getting Started guide frr details on how to get started with Apex.

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