Whether you're offering simple brochure sites, standard eCommerce / membership sites, or fully fledged and customized online operations, Apex provides you with a perfect solution to efficiently create, deploy and maintain your network of client sites. Here's a few of the many benefits of utilizing Apex that will help improve your work life.

  • Easy Theme Integration - Integrate literally any HTML / CSS theme off the internet within 45 minutes, or easily create your own custom themes. Check out the Theme Integration guide to see how easy it is.

  • Remote Updates -- No more logging into servers to upload updates. Use Apex's built-in remote access client to automatically transfer updates directly from your local Apex install to remote servers.

  • Packaging and Migration -- Easily create a package for each site / client which contains all aspects including page content. Instantly publish the package to your Apex repository account, or your own self hosted repository, and instantly install the entire package and site on remote servers with one command. Apex also supports auto-installation via YAML making migration to remote servers even simpler.

  • Simplified Content Pages - No more databases or complex design patterns. Simple, straight forward HTML text files for the content pages. Although there is an open source CMS Pages package available for when you want to allow the administrator to create and modify pages via the administration panel.

  • Earn Money! -- Integrate your themes into Apex, publish them as commercial while setting your own desired price, and get paid for every download. Apex also has full support for Envato's API, so if you already have themes listed on ThemeForest, you can also list them with Apex without breaking your exclusivity contract earning you additional sales!

  • Site Manager -- Go professional with the commercial Site Manager package, which allows you to manage multiple web sites, sets of web pages and themes including remote access access to them all, across an unlimited number of sites. Easily manage all of your client sites from one Apex install!

Getting Started

Getting started is easy and free! Apex is open source, and always will be. To begin taking advantage of all the amazing technology that Apex offers to increase your efficiency and reduce latency within your work, complete the below form to open your free Apex account giving you publishing access to the main Apex repository.

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